Your Getaway Is Right In Your City

So how long have you been dreaming of taking that grand vacation to the Greek islands? Or how long have you been saving for that trip to Paris? Okay…stop dreaming, well you can continue to save, but stop waking up every morning and taking that long deep sigh wondering when that long awaited vacay will come. Your vacation, your super getaway can be done right in your city. How do I know, because I'm doing it right now!
I love trekking on international grounds and traveling across the states, but it doesn't mean I can't take advantage of what I have right here in my backyard. A lot of us and myself included at a point in my life, thought travel wasn't considered travel unless I was on a plane going to some far away destination that I could barely pronounce. But I have come to realize, that is not the true meaning of travel. Since I have moved to D.C., I have had so much fun exploring my new city. I know, you're thinking well you're in a new city… of course it's exciting. Not true. It was actually while I was living in Orlando that I realized this. I was so focused on trying to visit a new country whenever I could that I neglected the amazing gems that were right in Orlando.
I visited a small town right outside of Orlando, Cassadaga, which is a very small town of mediums and spiritualists and has been featured several times on the Travel Channel. It was something different for me, I had heard of the town but had never visited. It was pretty neat visiting a town where people opened their homes up to strangers to do spiritual readings.
I also was invited out to Tasty Tuesdays in Orlando by a friend, a food truck eat out, featuring some of the best food on wheels!
Life can get busy as well, we have children, careers, relationships and we can easily lose ourselves in those day to day responsibilities. Escape from it all, right now! I am now here in D.C. continuing to explore locally. I went swing dancing for the first time a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! I met legendary swing dancer Jean Veloz, she's 90 years old and still bopping to the beat! I even had the opportunity to hear some great live swing music by a band from London. London brought right here to D.C.!

Jean Veloz, my dance partner, and I.
Swinging on the floor.
Even the little ones are into swing dancing.

And I was ecstatic that I moved to D.C. just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival…this was just a gorgeous day!

The Washington Monument peaks through the cherry blossoms.
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
Thousands attend The Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.
I still smile when I look at this picture.
What am I saying guys? You don't have to continue to tourture yourself by waiting and waiting for that dream vacation. A great trip for me is when my mind is able to roam freely and explore everything that I see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. The five senses are awakened! Awaken those senses that you have! You can still take that exotic trip but don't put your joy to the side waiting on it. Try a new restaurant, take a drive over to a local town or area and walk around and explore, take that dance class you've been putting off. Allow your five senses and mind to roam freely. Remember…travel for the experience, not the destination!

What destination do you plan on taking yourself to within your city?

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