Change, The Inevitable Process for Growth


“When we least expect it, life sends us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change and grow. There is no point in pretending that nothing is happening or in saying that we are not yet ready; change will not wait. Life does not look back, we must accept what is going to happen, it is the inevitable. Paulo Coehlo

Transformation would be the word if I could use only one word to describe 2013. It was a year of change that was definitely needed to take me to the next level in life. Failures, growth, self discovery, and vision were all the growing pains of last year. However, vision is one of the things I was most grateful for. I now have a clear vision of exactly what I want out of life. Although, I know exactly where I want to be, sometimes the confusing part is how do I get there. My good friend Sarni J explained it best, we are all like babies in the womb. It's cozy and comfortable, babies are fed, I mean geez, can't blame babies who would want to leave that comfy place, everthing needed is right there. But it's the inevitable, when that 9 months is up, it's time to go. A baby has to leave the womb to grow and as uncomfortable as it may be, it is the inevitable. When it's time to go, it's time to go, change is coming whether you like it or not.

Although, last year gave powerful insight and the push needed for growth, I am still growing. Some things will still need to change if I want to continue on the journey to reach the goals that I have set forth. My transformation is not complete. At this very moment I know something is brewing in the air, the very thought of it makes me very uncomfortable. As I sit here, trying to figure things out, I am askinpg myself all kinds of questions, well what if goes this way, or that way, how am I going to deal with it. This is the answer that God dropped in my spirit this morning…when we accept that change is the inevitable process that is needed for growth, we find peace in our mind, body, and spirit. When we do this we are trusting that God is going to provide us with everything that is needed. In our human flesh it is so hard to accept this, cause we are thinking in the realm of what is humanly possible. This morning for all of you that are stressed or even confused about the next step, let's not be afraid of the change that is about to come. You either stand in it and go forth knowing that you are well on your way to the road of success or you can remain a baby in the womb…stagnant, never growing, and being complacent with the unhappy state of life that you are in. Be at peace with the change that is to come, let it take it's course…the end result will no longer be a dream, but reality!

Speak your peace, are you ready to accept change in your life?

As always thanks for reading!


Pamilla The SoloTravelMuse


2 thoughts on “Change, The Inevitable Process for Growth

  1. “when we accept that change is the inevitable process that is needed for growth, we find peace in our mind, body, and spirit. ” – This is absolutely true! Best of luck to you on your journey.

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